Thoughts You Have As Tucson Ac Repair Approaches

Explain to you how they Tucson air conditioning work so on an AC manifold gauge set you’ll have two sets of gauges you’ll have a red one for your high pressure side and the numbers you want to use are going to be these psi numbers inside this small circle here and you have a blue one for the low-pressure side and again you want to use the PSI numbers inside here and then you have these Quick Connect couplets.

That will attach to the service fourth on your ASA system and you get the red one again for the high pressure side and the blue one for the low pressure side now for reading pressures inside your AC system these are all you need to pay attention to but you have also these valves that open up your high pressure side and low pressure side to this yellow line now when you open these you only open them when you’re about to evacuate the system or vacuum the system or add refrigerant all through this yellow line so under normal circumstances both of these valves well as one blew out here they’re supposed.

Te a red one here but again this is an cheapo manifold but it still works but anyway these two wells need to be closed so that refrigerant doesn’t go from your system into this yellow line when you’re only checking for pressure all right so next we’ll grab one of our Quick Connect couplets and make sure that this valve inside here is out all the way by turning this counter clockwise all right so next you’ll grab your Quick Connect couplet pull back on this install it on your service port push down let go make sure it’s firmly attached and that’s it and you can’t really connect these to the wrong one.

Because the high-pressure service port has a larger diameter than the low-pressure side so these are pretty dummy proof next after you install them you want to start. the way if you’re interested in this tool or any other tools or products I end up using in this video and you want to buy them online I’ll put links to where you can buy them for cheap down below in the description box so don’t be afraid to click on them and check em out and for those of you that are not familiar with these let me.

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